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The Shabbat Food Basket program is a food delivery operation that runs primarily in the towns of Ashdod, Yavne and Kiryat-Malachi.


Our team of 50 volunteers delivers close to 700 "Shabbat Baskets" every Thursday evening. Our Shabbat Baskets includes frozen chicken, rice, oil, flour, vegetables and fruits as well as two Challas and a small bottle of wine for the traditional Sabbath Kiddush blessing.

The food baskets are delivered mostly to elderly and lonely people who have no family or friends in Israel. These are mainly people in their 70's or 80's who lost everything in the Holocaust or immigrants who have come to Israel in the past 5-10 years. Now, as the impact of the global economic crisis hits Israel, drastically raising the percentage of Israeli families living below the poverty line, we also support several younger families who are experiencing great economic distress or extended periods of unemployment.

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