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רענן מדבר אל העם
רענן לוי

רענן מדבר אל העם

OURVISION We thrive to enrich every child in need, every potiantial to fulfil and all hungry to feed.

OURCOMMUNITY Our community is weaved with a voluntarily base of teachers, volunteers, and...on one hand, and on the other, the people.


ISRAELLA'AD , a Zionist Education Network, was founded in 2004 with the goal of  addressing the special needs of the underprivileged in Israeli society.

Unique among Jewish charities, Israel La'ad provides direct assistance to Children and elderly in need, with focus on supporting Jewish New Comers who came to the Land of Israel in recent years. Youth at risk, Food delivery for elderly, and tuition and School Scholarships for IDF veterans, are the main focus of our giving.


Support for Israel La'ad, is a direct sowing and investment IN Israel's strength.

Please support us this year, for a stronger Israel, and for our great Tsdaka / Charity program.



Founder and President 

Raanan is a 13th generation native-born Israeli "Sabra" who has spent the past 17 years bringing the message of Israel and the Jewish people to the world. He has appeared in numerous interviews worldwide and has spoken frequently in synagogues and churches in the U.S. and Europe. Raanan served for many years as an NCO in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and was adviser to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon on World Jewish and World Christian Affairs. Raanan currently serves as CEO of "Covenant Tours of Israel" which specializes in tailor made group tours to Israel.


Chief Executive Officer

Ethan Sironi has been the Chief Operating Officer for three mid-sized construction company's in the USA over the past 15 years. Recently he has started his own company providing leadership services to organizations planning new construction or extensive renovation projects. Ethan's first visit to Israel as a Christian tourist in 2008 greatly expanded his love for Land of Israel and the Jewish Nation.  He is a strong Zionist supporter of the Jewish State of Israel, and is the CEO of Israel Laad in the USA.   


Chiraman of the board

Born in Russia, Alex immigrated to Israel with his family as a child. After 3 years of service in the Israeli army, Alex obtained a B.A. in Business Management. Alex currently serves as the CEO of Rhoda Cosmetics Ltd., an Israeli corporation specializing in international trade.


Doctor Michael Tepper, 53, was born and raised in Israel until he was 15 years old. He graduated High School in Squamish, BC, Canada. In the past 24 years Michael acted as a Doctor of Medicine in Hospitals and clinics in the USA, specifically in Pittsburgh PA, Johnstown PA, and in Enumclaw, Wa. In the past 13 years Dr. Tepper runs his own successful private medical practice as an Internist in the Seattle area. Michael is a member of the Israel Laad Board since 2016, and is highly interested in humanitarian activities with a Zionist and Jewish calling in Israel.


Col. (Ret.)AviMazliach. 

Avi served in the Israeli Air Force for 29 years, in a variety of staff and command positions, until his retirement as a Colonel. During his outstanding service for the State of Israel he managed complex logistical operations and was exposed to Israel's most cutting edge technologies, whilest commanding large units. Today, Avi serves as the CEO of Y.B.Systems, a company speciallizing in maintanance of "smart buildings" and supporting hi-tech industrial production lines. A graduate of Bar-Ilan University, (BA, Political Science, MA, Public Administration).

Avi is married, and a father of 3. 


Omer Hevlin, 54, a native-born Israeli "Kibutznik/Sabra", father of 3. Omer served for many years as an officer in a paratrooper unit in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). He Gained a diverse experience of over two decades in technology affairs in different managerial levels, with a specialty in FinTech. Omer Lived in Singapore for 6.5 years and in the past few years involved in technology ventures as entrepreneur, while currently serves as Exec. Chairman of his own start-up venture. Has B.A. in Business Management, Omer is a member of the Israel Laad Advisory Board since 2005.

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