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Here are some of the endorsement letters we RECIEVED...

Yinon Israeli

Chairman Yad Yissachar V'Yitzhak Foundation

In the Psalms, 71, 9 , we are commanded not to abandon our elderly. On behalf of our Amuta convey our Blessings to you and to all of Israel La'ad supporters, for helping us fulfill this important Mitzva.

Eytan Bar-Lev

PrincipalBranco Weiss High SchoolBat-Yam, Israel

The program is a huge success. There is not a chance those children would ever have access to any such cutting-edge technology, without the support of "Israel-La'ad".

For many of those children, it is the only way to have access to a computer, let alone, use such advanced applications.

Support for Israel La'ad, is a direct sowing and investment IN Israel's strength.


Please support us this year, for a stronger Israel, and for our great Tsdaka / Charity program.

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